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2015 - Client : Örebro kommun

Visualiseringar för ombyggnaden av Trädgådsgatan i Örebro

2014 - Client : Fredblad Arkitekter

Vybilder för nya punkthus i Stenungsund

2014 - Client : White Arkitekter / Västerås stad

Broschyr om den perfekta cykelparkeringen i Västerås

2014 - Client : Fredblad Arkitekter

Ny webbplats för Fredblad Arkitekter

2013 - Client : Impera Engage

Grafisk profil, webb & konceptbild för Impera Engage


Noshörningen makes dreams come true. They arrange extrem adventurous travels to various remote parts of our planet. I designed this website for them.

2011 - Client : NPP Reklam

Noshörningen web

2012 - White Arkitekter

Logo for an architecture seminar in Örebro

4 elements

Bumax makes the strongest bolts in the world and they can stand undamaged to any of the four elements. To show this I made a series of photo montages where the bolts show their strength.

2011 - Client : NPP Reklam

Bumax:Four Elements - Photo retouch

Youtopia art

I made this art for the facebook game called Youtopia. It was originally made for facebook feeds to announce players progress in the game and at the same time promote it.

My co-worker Luke Nalker designed the actual game in an Art Deco kind of style so this is made in harmony of that.

2009 - Client : Hive7

Youtopia art for facebook

2007 - Personal project

Don't worry to much

Wake Me Up

I was experimenting with spray stencils when I created this logo. The idea was to make a logo that could easily be made into a stencil for spraying on trees, grass, roads and other places around the camp.

After I had tried the stencil a couple of times and was satisfied with the result I looked at the stencil that was coverd in paint and realized that it looked really nice so I used that one for the logo instead.

To the right you can see how it looked after using the stencil and you can also see the logo I did for the camp the previous year.

2008 - Client : Wake Me Up

Wake Me Up: Logo for wakeboard camp

2010 - Client: Hive7

Buildings for the "Youtopia" facebook game

2009 - Client: Hive7

Logo for the "Zombie Chomp!" facebook game